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Egypt: tourism minister sends message to travel industry via YouTube

The Egypt Tourist Authority released a YouTube video of Egyptian Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou asking the travel industry to help lobby their governments to ease travel advisories and to assist Egypt's tourism recovery, which has been crippled by the country's ongoing political violence and unrest.

Source: Travel Weekly; find article here>>.

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Egypt: new tourism minister appointed

Following the election of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in June, the Egyptian government has appointed a new tourism minister, Mohamed Hisham Abbas Zaazou who had served as the first assistant to Egypt's minister of tourism since 2008, has worked in both the private and public tourism sectors for the past three decades, including  the board of the Egyptian Tourism Federation, the Egyptian Tourist Authority, the Tourism Development Authority and the Arab Tourism Organization.

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Kenya: tourism minister issues open letter regarding piracy

According to eTurboNews, the Kenyan tourism minister Najib Balala has issued the follwoing open letter:

"The Government of Kenya is working closely with British, French and international authorities to ensure that acts of piracy; such as that committed [on October 2] on Manda Island; by Somali nationals are stopped and that hostages are released.

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Seychelles: Sustainable Tourism Label announced

On the occasion of World Tourism Day on September 27, 2011, the Seychelles Tourism Board in partnership with the GOS-UNDP-GEF Program Coordination Unit has officially launched the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label with the unveiling of the label’s logo.

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European Air Passenger Departure taxes detrimental to Kenya tourism?

Kenya wants the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to intervene and help end travel conditions by western states that act as barriers to growth of the tourism industry in developing countries. Kenya's Tourism Minister said the Air Passenger Departure tax introduced by European countries such as the UK, Austria and Germany discouraged tourists from coming to Kenya and other East African countries.He said his government is committed to encourage tourists into the country and reducing visa tax by 50 per cent from 50 USD to 25 USD.

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Air Zimbabwe suspended by IATA

Due to an Associated Press report, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has suspended Zimbabwe’s national carrier from all international financial and flight booking services.

Find article here>>.

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Scottish Support for Malawi Law Reform

The Scottish Law Commission has established a link with the Malawi Law Commission. Both are law reform bodies. The link is a contribution to the Scottish Government's Programme on Capacity Building for Justice in Malawi which progresses the provisions in the Scotland-Malawi Co-operation Agreement in 2005 to strengthen governance in Malawi.

The Scottish Law Commission is also donating surplus law library stock to the Malawi Law Commission.

The Scottish Law Commission's Chairman, Lord Drummond Young, said –

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Killing of French Tourists

The killing of three French children on holiday in North East Namibia early in January has led to a serious fall-off in business for the tourist industry. Safari lodges in Caprivi and Kavago have had to dismiss staff and close.

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New Transport Regulations Following Death of Tourists in Bus Crash

The South African Transport Ministry has announced new measures to combat the country's high road deaths rate. 26 British tourists were killed on Monday 27 September 1999 when the tour bus on which they were travelling left the road and tumbled down a mountainside. Another 9 people travelling on the bus were badly injured. Most of those killed were retired people. The coach had a "black box" similar to those used on aircraft to record the sequence of events leading up to the crash. The Department of Transport has set up a Commission of Inquiry which is expected to report within 60 days.