European Union of Tourist Officers


EUTO is an organization that fosters trans-national networking between all European middle and top managers principally engaged in the work of tourism promotion and development. In recent years, EUTO has proven to be of high value for the new European destinations that want to gain experience and information in the shortest possible time, by learning from best practice and experience of their peers.

In addition, EUTO co-ordinates and develops high quality professional training of specialists in the European tourism field. For this, it will soon be introducing a Vocational Training and Advisory Partnership-Project, that should be eligible for EU-funding.

EUTO supports all the above by staging and organizing an Annual Convention and other events, open to all members and other interested tourism professionals.

The European Union of Tourist Officers is an association under Belgian law (vzw/asbl). The association has numerous members in the tourist profession, mostly grouped in national associations.

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