Houston: Global Congress on Legal, Safety, and Security Solutions in Travel

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The Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau, in coordination with HospitalityLawyer.com, is producing the first-ever Global Congress on Legal, Safety, and Security Solutions in Travel - a conference that places legal, safety and security solutions for the travel industry under one roof.

Date: August 25-28, 2011

Venue: Houston

General Sessions will address topics, issues and solutions that impact all components of travel, such as:

  • Common Issues and Solutions for Travel Safety and Security: The Industry Perspective
  • The Debate: Screening vs. Personal Privacy
  • Contagious Outbreaks: Appropriate Responses in all Sectors of Public Accommodation
  • The US Travel Association's Blue Ribbon Panel on Aviation Security: Findings and Recommendations
  • What Have We Learned from Recent Travel Disruptions?
  • Profiling: Is it Effective and What are the Privacy Implications?
  • Human Trafficking: Is the Travel Industry Enabling It?
  • Best Practices in Supply Chain Security Around the World
  • The Media's Role in Creating and Sustaining a Travel Crisis

The second day features a full day of sessions in each travel component:

  • Transportation, including Airlines, Cruise, Ground, and Terminal
  • Lodging
  • Venues & Events
  • Public Support of Travel, including Embassies, Health, Entry/Exit, Airports, Terminals, and Seaports
  • Leisure Travel & Tourism
  • Corporate & Government Travel
  • Global Legal Issues.

The Global Congress will bring leaders together in an unbiased environment and accelerate learning on key subjects in a concise 3-day format.

Find more information here>>.

Conference brochure available for download in pdf here>>.