Air Passenger Protection Regulations in Canada

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As per my early November presentation in Cancun, the Canadian government had by that point authorized the federal regulatory body to provide detailed consumer protection rules in regard to several specific areas involving air transportation.  Areas to be addressed include delayed/cancelled flights, denied boarding (a.k.a. overbooking), the damage to and/or loss of luggage, tarmac delays, and rules surrounding the transport of children and musical instruments.

In mid-December, the regulatory body issued a draft of those new proposed rules.  They can be viewed at  A sixty-day public consultation period follows.  Finalized rules are expected to be in place for the Summer Season.

The draft Regulations would apply to all flights to, from, and within Canada, including connecting flights.  This controversial proposal is likely the one most opposed by international carriers.  Along with their domestic counterparts, they believe that the one-size-fits all approach of the proposed regime goes too far, and that just because carriers are the final providers of transportation services, they ought not be held responsible for the acts or omissions of those “earlier” in the chain of delivery.

Conversely, some consumer groups are critical of the new rules as failing to go far enough.