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Czech court refers VAT on travel services to ECJ

The Czech court Nejvyšší Správní Soud referred the following questions to the ECJ:

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2010 safety statistics shed a positive light on European aviation

In its recently published Annual Safety Review, EASA confirms that 2010 is "the first year that no fatal accident in commercial air transport operations occurred in the history of aviation in Europe both for helicopter and aeroplane operations". In global terms, the accident rate in aviation has been declining steadily ever since the 1950s. 

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EU Parliament adopts new measures to fight child pornography and sex tourism

According to proposals adopted by the Civil Liberties Committee of the EU Parliament, anyone guilty of child abuse or who watches child pornography online could face from 1 to 10 years behind bars. The legislation calls for all web pages containing child pornography to be removed at source, meaning member states should cooperate with third countries to ensure the removal of pages hosted outside the EU. Blocking would be considered an option only if these countries refuse to cooperate.

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Germany: OLG Köln refers surcharges billed by online booking platform to ECJ

In its reference for preliminary ruling of March 4, 2011, the OLG Köln referred the follwoing question to the ECJ:

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Some EU Member States are late in implementing the new Timeshare Directive

The deadline for EU Member States to enact legislation implementing the new EU Timeshare Directive expired on February 23, 2011. However, such legislation is still not in force in Belgium, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and Spain.

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EU: Consumer Rights Directive on the horizon

The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) of European Parliament adopted a compromise negotiated with the Council, after the draft has been returned to committee's charge by the Plenary in March.

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EU: New rules to establish a more competitive rail market

EU transport ministers reached an agreemnet today on new rules setting out how competition on the rail market must work in practice by:

  • ensuring fair access to rail infrastructure and rail-related services;
  • strengthening the power of national regulators; and
  • improving the framework for investment in rail.

The proposed directive aims to