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ECJ: Definition of a Package / Directing professional activities (International Jurisdiction)

In Cases C-585/08 (Pammer vs Schlueter) and C-144/09 (Hotel Alpenhof vs Heller) [remark: not joint but decided together] ECJ had to decide whether a so called passive website of a Hotel respectively a travel agent meets the requirement of 'directing professional activities' to the (other) EU member state where the consumer has his habitual residence (according to Art 15 Nr 1 lit c Brussels I Regulation). The question arises with respect to international (exclusive) jurisdiction.

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EU: Commission updates list of banned air carriers

The European Commission has adopted the sixteenth update of the list of airlines banned in the European Union. All air carriers certified in Afghanistan and Mauritania Airways are banned. One air carrier certified in Kyrgyzstan and one in Gabon are also added to the list whilst nine Kazakh operators were removed from the list and operating restrictions modified for one Ghanaian operator.

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UK: Details of the High Court's reference for preliminary ruling, questioning the ECJ Sturgeon/Böck judgement

TUI Travel Plc, British Airways, Easyjet and IATA (Claimants) requested the British Civil Aviation Authority (Defendant) to confirm that it would not interpret the Regulation 261/2004/EC as imposing an obligation on air carriers to pay compensation in the event of delay. The Defendant has refused to provide this assurance, stating that it is bound to give effect to the ruling in Sturgeon.

To sum up, claimants argue as follows:

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Latvia: new reference for ECJ preliminary ruling with regard to Reg. 261/2004

An Air Baltic flight from Copenhagen to Riga was delayed due to a breakdown of the radar and air navigation system and a partial closure of the air space above Malmö. After more than two hours though the air space was open again, the airline decided to cancel the flight because otherwise the admissible working hours of the crew would have been exceeded.

The Latvian court (Augstākās tiesas Senāts) referred the following questions to the European Court of Justice:

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European Union: visa requirement for Albanians and Bosnians to be lifted

The European Union has agreed to lift its visa requirement for citizens of Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina by mid-December. The EU decision means holders of biometric Bosnian and Albanian passports can travel freely for up to three months in the "Schengen zone", which includes all EU member states with the exception of Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Romania, as well as non-EU members Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland.

Source: eTurboNews; find article here>>.

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European Union: Data Protection Supervisor calls for stricter conditions for international PNR exchange

While the United States, Canada and Australia insist on access to the passenger name records of all passengers entering their airspace, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) - an independent supervisory authority devoted to protecting personal data and privacy and promoting good practice in the EU institutions and bodies - issued an opinion on the

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Austrian Supreme Court follows ECJ precedent with regard to hotel TV

An Austrian collecting society filed a law suit against a hotel company and claimed for rendering of accounts with regard to satelite TV provided to guests in defendant's hotel rooms. Both, court of first instance (Handelsgericht Wien) and apellate court (OLG Wien) granted the claim. In judgement 4 Ob 120/10s of Aug.

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Germany: Seminar on "EU Passengers' Rights - Strengthening the role of transport users" at Academy of European Law

The Academy of European Law (ERA) in Trier is organising a seminar on "EU Passengers' Rights - Strengthening the role of transport users" the objective of which is to analyse and discuss the existing legislative framework and its application, proposals for further initiatives in the field, as well as the interaction of passengers' and consumers' rights and the challenges for the future.

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Germany: cancellation of a feeder flight entitles to compensation according to the distance to the last destination

KLM sued a passenger for the price of a return ticket from Berlin via Amsterdam to Curacao. The passenger argued that due to cancellation of the feeder flight from BER to AMS, as a consequence of which he and his wife had missed the long haul flight and had to fly one day later, he was entitled to a compensation of EUR 600 per person which he would set off against KLM's claim.

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U.S. issues Europe travel alert / U.K. updates travel advice for France and Germany

The State Department on Sunday issued a travel alert for all of Europe, saying that there is a heightened terrorism threat from al-Qaeda and affiliated organizations. At the same time, the British Foreign Office updated its travel advice for France and Germany.