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European Union: legionella blacklist to come?

Following a widespread outbreak of legionella cases in France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and other European tourist destinations, EU health authorities are considerung a black list unless strong measures are scheduled.

Source: PATA; find article here>>.

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European Union: OnlineTicket Sales Sweep

On 16 September 2010, EU Consumer Commissioner John Dalli announced the initial results of the 2010 Sweep, targeting websites selling tickets to cultural and sporting events.

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Sweden: reference for ECJ preliminary ruling with regard to advertising entry-level prices for travel and tourist services

Ving Sverige AB, a Swedish travel company advertised New York trips in newspaper ads, indicating an entry level price only. The Swedish consumer ombudsman (Konsumentombudsmannen) sued for unfair competition as he regarded it necessary to indicate a specific price whereas advertising an enty-level price only was misleading.

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UK: High Court seeks ECJ clarification of passenger rights

The UK High Court suspended U.K. courts from hearing any more compensation cases for delays against airlines. It has ordered the suspension while it asks the European Court of Justice to review the November 2009 ruling (joint cases C-402/07 - Sturgeon v. Condor and C-432/07 Böck, Lepuschitz v. Air France) extending the claim for compensation as provided in Reg. 261/2004/EC to passengers facing (long) delays. The controversial ECJ judgement strengthened the entitlements of passengers but has outraged airlines.

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EU Commission adds two Ghanaian airlines to blacklist

On Sep. 2, 2010, the European Commission has  updated the list of airlines banned in the European Union to impose an operating ban on one air carrier from Ghana and to place operating restrictions on another air carrier from that country.

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Germany: reference for preliminary ruling of the ECJ with regard to Reg. 261/2004

A German court (Amtsgericht Köln) has recently filed a reference for preliminary ruling with regard to the follwoing question:
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Germany takes over the Presidency

Germany took over the presidency of the EU on 1 January 1999. It has set as its priorities: job creation; internal consolidation and further development of the Union; and strengthening the development of the EU'' profile in relations with other countries. The European Council will take place in Cologne on 3-4 June.

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Railway Services

The Commission has set out proposals "to save Europe's railways from extinction". Included are proposals to liberalise the freight market. The White Paper proposes to speed up modification of the existing legislation (Directive 91/440/EC) so as to extend the rights to railway infrastructure for freight and for international passenger services. Existing legislation will be modified to require the separation of infrastructure management and transport operations into distinct business units, with separate management and balance sheets.

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Trans-European Transport Networks

Significant progress has been made and, on completion, the programme is expected to increase EU GDP by 0.5bn ecu by 2030 and create 600 000 jobs. The Vienna European Council emphasised the importance of protecting funding for this despite the need for cuts in public expenditure.