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EU: Commission updates list of banned air carriers

The European Commission has adopted the sixteenth update of the list of airlines banned in the European Union. All air carriers certified in Afghanistan and Mauritania Airways are banned. One air carrier certified in Kyrgyzstan and one in Gabon are also added to the list whilst nine Kazakh operators were removed from the list and operating restrictions modified for one Ghanaian operator.

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USA: initiative calls to protest airport scanners on "National Opt Out Day"

Grassroots airline boycott effort "We Won’t Fly" is organizing mass x-ray scanner opt outs at airports around the nation for National Opt Out of the Airport Scanners Day, November 24 in order to highlight the health and privacy dangers of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) backscatter x-ray airport scanners.


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Canada: new saftey and security measures in air travel

On October 29, 2010, two suspicious packages originating in Yemen were found in the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. Following this incident, the Canadian Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities and the Canadian Minister of Public Safety announced new aviation security measures to further enhance the safety and security of Canada’s aviation system, to come into effect Nov. 8, 2010:

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Indonesia: flight cancellations due to volcanic ash clouds

Since October 26, an almost uninterrupted lava eruption from Mount Merapi volcano in Central Java has killed at least 122 people and forced over 150,000 persons to flee their home. Air transport from and to Java Island was dealing with chaos as airlines started to cancel flights due to the danger present by ash clouds and volatile particles of ashes in the air, which could cause severe damage to aircrafts' engines. Airports such as Yogyakarta and Solo have been closed to traffic due to their proximity to the volcano.

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EU Commission adds two Ghanaian airlines to blacklist

On Sep. 2, 2010, the European Commission has  updated the list of airlines banned in the European Union to impose an operating ban on one air carrier from Ghana and to place operating restrictions on another air carrier from that country.

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USA: Cruise Line Vessel Security and Safety Act passes the House

The Cruise Line Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2009 passed the House on Wednesday evening; the Senate has already unanimously approved the bill. The approved legislation is a significant victory for cruise passengers’ rights and is now being sent to President Barack Obama for his signature.