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UK. Airline Catering Staff. Working Time Regulations

Gallagher v Alpha Catering Services Ltd (Trading as Alpha Flight Services) [2005] ICR 673

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UK. Car Hire. Distance Selling

Easycar (UK) Ltd. V OFT (C 336/03) [2005] All ER (EC) 835

E provided car hire services in the UK and other Member States. Customers could book the services on the Internet. E’s terms and conditions only permitted cancellations by consumers in very exceptional circumstances. The Office of Fair Trading brought the action on grounds that E was not complying with the provisions of Article 6 of the Distance Selling Directive which permits a cooling-off period.

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England: Agency Law

Moran v First Choice Holidays & Flights Ltd. [2005] EWHC 2478

C was injured when she fell off a quod bike being driven by her husband. The quad bike was provided as part of an excursion purchased at the resort in the Dominican Republic. The husband had failed to control the bike and it veered off the road, descending down a drop of 13-14 feet. The court held that F was liable as it had acted as the undisclosed agent of the company providing the excursion.

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England and Wales. Protection of the Environment

The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010

The EC Habitats Directive was implemented in the UK by a series of Habitats Regulations. The Directive aims to protect biodiversity by conservation of natural habitats and species of wild flora and fauna. The aim of the 2010 Regulations is to consolidate more than 30 amendments introduced over the last 16 years. It applies to England and Wales only. Scotland and Northern Ireland will consolidate their legislation later.

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Welsh Government

Government of Wales Act 2006

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UK: Equality Act

Equality Act 2006

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UK: Age Discrimination

Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006

These Regulations prohibit unreasonable discrimination against employees, jobseekers or trainees on grounds of age unless that discrimination can be objectively justified. Similar provisions were introduced for Northern Ireland. The Regulations have the same framework as other anti-discrimination legislative measures i.e. provisions on direct and indirect discrimination, victimization, harassment etc.

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UK: Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

Constitutional Reform Act 2005

This Act created the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and abolished the appellate function of the House of Lords. It also established the Judicial Appointments Commission for the appointment of judges and members of certain tribunals in England and Wales. It provides a disciplinary framework for the English and Welsh judiciary. The judicial function of the Lord Chancellor was also abolished.